Barn cats provide natural rodent control

Tenth Life Foundation is unique by:

  • Finding homes for shelter cats that other rescue organizations will not take and that are in line to be killed.
  • Being a network of shelters, veterinarians and volunteers throughout the Bay Area, not a single locale.
  • Being professional and full-service, working closely with adopters to ensure successful rehoming of the cats. 

Our biggest challenge is finding adopters with safe outdoor locations, such as barns, ranches and backyards who need natural rodent control and/or want to help save cats’ lives.  After we secure an adoption placement, we reach out to shelters for cats at risk of being killed.

How Tenth Life Foundation (TLF) works:

  • We advertise for safe alternative locations for the cats
  • We interview those who respond to determine whether it is an appropriate property for relocating outdoor cats
  • We conduct site visits when necessary
  • We coordinate with local animal shelters to pull cats that are in line to be euthanized
  • We deliver cats to their new home and coordinate cat adaptation procedures 

All cats are spayed or neutered (S/N), vaccinated for rabies and FVRCP vaccine, tested for FIV/FeLV, treated for fleas and dewormed, as appropriate.  Cats are typically micro-chipped.