Help for Rescue Groups

Helping support delivery and adaptation     

We greatly appreciate the work being done by the large number of Bay Area cat rescue organizations and offer the following services to rescue groups once they find an adopter.

Once you identify a potential placement, Tenth Life Foundation is prepared to offer the following services:

  • Interview individuals you identify to determine if the property is appropriate for relocating outdoor cats
  • Conduct site visits with potential adopters when deemed necessary
  • Arrange the delivery with the adopter and deliver your designated cats to their new home
  • Coordinate cat adaptation procedures, including providing cages, etc., as appropriate, and train adopters
  • Consult with the adopters throughout the adoption and adaptation periods, and beyond, as needed
  • Provide you with periodic updates regarding the cats, if so desired 

The responsibilities of the cat rescue group include:

  • Secure the potential adopter
  • Provide descriptions of the cats needing rehoming
  • Ensure the cats meet Tenth Life Foundation health, medical and test requirements
  • Deliver the cats to Tenth Life Foundation the day of delivery to their new home